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We offer an alternative to the standard approach that characterizes most addiction “treatment” facilities in the U.S.  Receiving services with us means that you will not be required to:

    • Identify yourself as an addict/alcoholic
    • Attend group therapy sessions
    • Attend outside 12-Step meetings
    • See yourself as powerless and in need of divine intervention
    • Identify yourself as a “codependent” if you are trying to help your loved one
    • Attend more sessions than you believe are helpful

Our only expectation is that you be willing to address your addictive behavior in relation to how you would like your life to be.

Extensive research evidence clearly indicates that most people overcome their addictive behavior on their own, without any formal help or participation in support groups.  When people do utilize formal help, brief interventions are often just as productive as longer-term therapy.  We offer a brief intervention approach based in providing as many sessions as are needed/desired from the client’s perspective.

We work collaboratively with our clients on setting the goals that they want to achieve, and the means to achieve them.  This collaborative approach contrasts sharply with the majority of U.S. addiction treatment programs which pre-determine the goal (abstinence-only), and several of the tasks (group therapy, additional 12-Step group participation, and long-term, time-intensive interventions).  Our collaborative approach, known as harm reduction is much more common throughout Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.  The history of psychotherapy research consistently demonstrates the importance of collaboration in helping clients overcome any presenting problem.

If you are looking for help in overcoming your own addictive behavior, or wanting to know how to help a loved one, we can be of assistance.  Please call for a free telephone consultation to discuss how we can help, or schedule an appointment using our easy scheduling system.