Services Provided

 We specialize in working with adults and older adults.  Our approach is geared toward helping people make desired changes in a variety of different areas.  These include:

    • Addictive behavior
    • Anger
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Grief
    • Meaning in life
    • Parenting
    • PTSD
    • Relationship problems
    • Work and career issues

Office Visits

Our counseling sessions are geared toward helping you identify the real changes you are willing to make in your life to help you overcome your addictive behavior and lead a more fulfilling life.  Whether moderation or abstinence is your goal, we will help you come up with a plan to succeed in your desired goals.   Actual change is of course up to you, but we will work with you on leading a more meaningful life, free from the addiction that has limited you.  We will address with you the various dynamics in your life that support your addiction, as well as the dynamics that will support change.  Sessions may be either individual, couples, or family, depending on what is most useful for you.

Video Sessions

We use a HIPPA-compliant website,, for therapy sessions via video.  You need only to log into the "room," enter your name, and allow for camera and microphone access. Video sessions provide the convenience of eliminating travel time.  Many of our clients do video sessions exclusively, and others will mix them in with office sessions, depending upon scheduling and availability.  Check with your insurance provider to see if your plan covers Telehealth for psychotherapy.


Telephone Consultation

There may be unanticipated times in which you would like to consult about what to do in a particular situation.  In these instances, you may not need to come in for a full session, but may benefit from a brief telephone consultation.  We can either schedule a time for a phone consultation, or we may be able to talk on an emergency basis.  Brief telephone consultations can help you navigate through the particular situation you are experiencing, or preparing for, in order to reduce the risk of relapse.


Services for Family Members

If someone close to you is engaging in an addictive behavior we can help you learn how to more effectively motivate them to change.  We understand the pain and distress of seeing a loved one ruin their life through their addiction.  Fortunately, research shows that concerned significant others can positively influence their loved one to make changes.  Using an empirically supported behavioral approach known as CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training), we can teach you how to influence change through selectively rewarding the desired behavior you want to see.  In this approach, we will work with you on identifying your goals, assessing their likelihood for success, and specifying when and how you can maximize your influence.  In addition, we can help you manage the stress you experience caused by loved one's behavior.  Unlike Al-Anon, in this approach you will not have to see yourself as co-dependent or as being part of a "family disease."  Nor will you be expected to take a "tough Love" stance, or be expected to accept that your loved one needs to put his/her "recovery" first.  Instead, you will learn skills to positively influence your loved one, learn how to take care of yourself, and improve your relationship in a way that is desirable for both of you.